Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hi, my name is Annelies and I am a Biomedical Electrical Engineering student at UBC trying to balance my love for medical technology with my passion for international development. I have been an active member of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) since September 2007, my first year at UBC, and will be heading overseas this summer to volunteer on behalf of the organization. I was the Director of Communications for the UBC chapter of EWB this past year working with media and advertising of our events and our organization.

I applied to the Junior Fellowship Program, the short term volunteer program with EWB, in December of last year, and was accepted and placed in Burkina Faso. Since January I have been doing a lot of preparation ranging from reading and discussing articles with other Burkina-bound EWB members, to buying mosquito repellent and sunscreen!! As an extra preparation I recently went to the Burkina consulate in Vancouver to find out more information about the country and get any advice that I could. It was an exciting experience because I finally felt like my trip was actually happening and I got a better sense of what life in rural Burkina Faso would be like.

I hope you will be interested in following along with me during this amazing experience, and I encourage you to ask me as many questions as you like and keep me on my toes in my work.
I just recently found out the details of my placement in Burkina Faso which will follow in my next blog post!!

Stay tuned!!


  1. Hoi Annelies,
    Dat is flink ver weg! Ik ben benieuwd naar je volgende bericht over wat je er precies gaat doen. Succes! Ook Donja is ver weg. Ze backpackt een half jaar met Stephanie in Australiƫ; zie
    Hartelijke groeten, ook aan Maarten en je zus,

  2. hi lieverd , goeie reis

  3. nogmaals om te kyken of ik 't goed dee, hvj

  4. Way to gooo Annelies...this is awesome! Good luck on your trip!

  5. Spannend om dit alles te lezen, wij zullen je blog zeker volgen de komende maanden!
    veel liefs

  6. Hi Annelies, I just added your blog because our mutual friend Len forwarded it to me (I went with him to Burkina Faso last year with EWB). I'm very excited & curious to read about what you'll be doing there (I hope it's okay that I bookmarked you). Best of luck!!


  7. Hi My Dear Annelies,
    You are so far away and yet so close!
    What an inspiration you are....I love you.
    Yes, your website is bookmarked. My first bookmark! How about that.
    Hope you are well....
    Exciting to follow your news!
    Take care of yourself,

  8. Hope to hear some news soon! I try to imagine what life is like for you these days...
    love always!!! xoxooxxo

  9. Maria: glad you're interested. I'd be interested in hearing about your experience as well. Where in Burkina were you?

  10. Wow Annelies...such an adventure and so much to read about. Absolutely thrilling. I am going to take the time to read all your posts when I travel to France in 2 weeks ( taking my lap-top with me!). I am so busy now...with everything.
    Did I mention that I think your hair cut looks really good. How does it feel??
    Are you 'home-sick' at all?
    My year end recital is this the Louis Brier!
    Haven't seen Julian yet, but he is tutoring one of my students!